Our approach

15 years is a lifetime in the development industry. Our approach is forged in the work of millions of person-hours across hundreds of successful project deliveries. That kind of experience hones process to a fine edge. We’ve been at the forefront of an industry evolving at light speed and are proud to have remained innovative, disruptive and agile from 2003 right up to the present day.


Our process recognises the inherent complexity of what we do. There is a great deal of fact-finding to be done and the discovery and definition we perform needs to be collaborative. Only then can we develop and deliver a best-of-the-best solution. The depth of data we must bring into play is what makes a partnership with our customers so important.

Opportunity Immersion

Our first task is to listen. What you’ve got to say about your needs, vision, and exact situation lets us understand how we can help. From this will coalesce user and business goals, targets, success metrics, and other key parts of the project definition.

From this definition we begin to work on a precise analysis of possible opportunities. Working from first principles we map the ways a solution can be found. Only now do we think about how to develop the product.

stakeholder interviews
requirements gathering

Solution Exploration

How do we deliver the solution? We know our clients expect exceptional results. By careful evaluation of our ideas and precise testing of our assumptions we are able to begin development knowing that our foundations are rock solid and reliable.

Deliberate and considered creation of prototypes follow as we ideate our way from iteration to iteration. A polished product begins to emerge.

user interviews
field research
environment discover
user journey

Solution Validation

We begin this stage of building and polishing a digital product with the aim to turn your original idea into a true solution. Our quick iteration of releases are incremental and we are able to perform user testing, validation and Quality Assurance with a high degree of efficiency.

Where gains can be found we re-evaluate the research and analysis that was undertaken originally to look for new insights. Ultimately our aim is to improve the product ready for launch.

look & feel

Iterate and Scale

The release of the product is only the beginning.
Real-world data will help build a picture of what needs to change and how that change should be managed.

If the release formed a Minimum Viable Product or was designed to scale, how do we manage iterations for maximum success?

At every level, we look at User Experience and how the solution stacks up against the working theories made during the whole process. This agility means the best possible results are obtained at every stage.

Why a data-driven approach drives all that we do

The importance of data is that it offers maximal improvements. Our process includes specifying what data we need, how it 
should be captured and in what ways it will be used. It’s this step that means we can test and improve the product throughout 
the entire cycle.

Test & Measure

Having designed the systems to capture the data we are able to compare the results we’re seeing with what we were expecting.

Strategic use of this information allows us to precisely and accurately feedback to all the project stakeholders to improve every element of the project. We always look for ways to create an exceptional product that delivers you a competitive advantage.

Putting users at the centre

Learning from how users interface with the product brings new opportunity to improve. Soft and hard data capture allows us to infer user intent and bring more innovation to the next iteration.

Understanding what exactly a user finds impactful and fulfilling about a product is as useful as locating something they feel could be improved. It’s a cyclical process that is vital to true project success.


The process we have created brings outstanding results. We’re committed to the success of your project and our team are proud to have delivered some remarkable outcomes for our customers. You can gain insight into the quality of our work from some of the case studies below.

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